WordPress 6.1 Features! Everything You Need To Know


WordPress 6.1 “Misha” was released this week, named after Soviet-Norwegian jazz pianist Mikhail “Misha” Alperin, born in Ukraine in 1956.

This release is the culmination of a months-long effort to improve the design tooling consistency of WordPress’ core blocks. That means blocks missing things like typography, color, and border support have been updated wherever possible to match the support included in other blocks. 

Design tools and their controls are more consistently presented, so users can intuitively know what to expect when customizing their blocks.

WordPress 6.1 New Features and Updates

Here are all the new & exciting updates for creators in WordPress 6.1 version:

Twenty Twenty-Three: A fresh default theme

WordPress 6.1 introduces a new default theme called Twenty Twenty-Three. It has a minimal design, like a blank canvas, where creators can fully customize it per their dream design. This new default theme is packed with ten style variations to give a personalized experience to the creators.

Now creators won’t have to go with third-party themes for user-friendly designs. This new TT3 default block theme gives the same experience to the creators.

new WP theme
Twenty Twenty-Three Theme

New templates

In the new WordPress 6.1 update, creators can now have complete control over customization. Now, you have more refined templates to add/edit specific details like header, footer, author, etc.

Learn More: How To Create A Custom Page Template In WordPress?

New template in WordPress 6.1
New template Customizer in WordPress 6.1

Design tools

New WordPress 6.1 has shown improvements in editor tools. Features in design tools help you have complete control over how you want your page to look. You will see 50 blocks having typography and color tools, over 40 have dimension tools, and 30 have all three.

editor improvements in WordPress 6.1
Editor improvements in WordPress 6.1

Content-Only Editing

WordPress 6.1 introduces content-only editing for blocks, patterns, and templates. The idea is to prevent the breakage of page layout by helping users only to edit certain parts of content inside a group of blocks, patterns, or templates.

content-only editing

Menu Management

New WordPress 6.1 has options in the navigation block which means you can edit the menu without searching. You can also control the working on menus as they are placed in the block settings. The menu system is also upgraded for mobile-friendliness, with new features like icon options, etc. 

Menu Management in WP 6.1

Lock setting for inner blocks

WordPress 6.1 lets you apply lock settings to all blocks containing the group, cover, and column blocks.

lock settings in WordPress 6.1

Dimensions Settings

WordPress 6.1 adds a slider with seven presets for dimensions settings, such as block spacing and margin. It allows users to set a value quickly and apply the same value for other blocks easily.

Updated Editor Details

New metrics have been added to the editor’s details menu. Now you can see the time to read information along with the word and character counts. This way, you can better estimate how long the content you’re writing will be and the time it will take to read it.

Post and Page Settings

With WordPress 6.1, you can now manage page and post settings more efficiently with improved features like template picker and scheduler. 

WordPress 6.1: Other New Features

Wrapping It Up

In this detailed blog, we discussed everything WordPress 6.1 has to offer. The new WordPress upgrade adds a touch to hyper customization for creators. 

From the new twenty-three default theme, design tools, menu management, and content-only editing to editor details, we’ve discussed how these new features help you in creating hassle-free posts and pages.

It’s time to upgrade your WordPress to the new 6.1 version if you haven’t already. Don’t miss a chance to benefit from these new creator-friendly features. You can also compare it with WordPress 6.0.
Get in touch with WordPress experts to help you with WordPress development with the latest features to scale your business.

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