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How To Convert Figma To WordPress (4 Simple Steps)

The combination of Figma and WordPress is the best when it comes to designing & developing a website. The commonality between the two is that both are user-friendly & easy-to-use software. Figma has been a game changer in the world of web designing making the process smoother & quicker to transfer the design to WordPress.  […]

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How To Optimize Google Fonts For WordPress?

It’s easy to use Google Fonts in WordPress. It’s a free directory of over 800 web fonts you can use on your website. The Google Fonts service is a top-rated free service used by millions of WordPress websites to enhance their website appearance and usability. Here’s how to use Google fonts on WordPress without compromising […]

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Best Sites To Hire WordPress Developers in 2023

As WordPress continues to grow, business dependency on WordPress is also increasing to a large extent. And, why wouldn’t it? WordPress is the most popular, user & SEO-friendly CMS you can use for your business. Putting its mark on 60% of the world’s CMS market is not child’s play.  Even Google loves WordPress. And you […]

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Best WordPress Review Plugins

The most effective way to add reviews to WordPress is using the review plugins. If you select a review plugin, it will integrate reviews into your website’s pages in an entirely easy-to-use way. Also, it will allow for enough customization to meet your branding and interests. There is, of course, a selection of whether to […]

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How To Lazy Load Images And Videos In WordPress?

There are many different approaches available to implement lazy loading on your website. You are welcome to have a look at our ranked list of the top plugins for WordPress that support slow loading. There are numerous free plugins in the WordPress directory that may be used to lazy load images and videos. After considering […]

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How To Preload Links And Key Requests In WordPress?

How can you ensure your visitors can load your links instantly? You need a technology called link loading. It automatically preloads your links so your visitor can see the content as soon as they click on them. The purpose of this post is to provide instructions on how to add preload links to WordPress blogs.  […]

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Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

The most important thing about any WordPress website is its image optimization. Images are the lifeblood of your content, so you want them to look their best. And that starts with optimizing them. Many WordPress plugins can help you with this process, but they all work differently: some compress JPEGs or PNGs, while others add […]

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Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Live chat is a massive part of customer support these days. Whether trying to sell a product, give away freebies, or provide any other kind of service (like answering questions about the site), live chat can be an excellent way to build trust with your customers and increase engagement. Live chat plugins for WordPress are […]

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Best WordPress White Label Plugins 2022

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS). It has been around for over ten years and continuously evolves with new features and improvements. And while there are many plugins available for WordPress that can make your life easier, not all of them are created equal. Some plugins may even be harmful […]

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