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5 Best Free WordPress Directory Plugins To Start Your Business

Have you been searching for the finest business directory plugins for WordPress? Users can utilize a company directory to find network operators in a particular area or segment. Simultaneously, it assists such firms in locating clients and prospects. You may even generate money online as a site owner by offering paid listings in your company […]

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How To Instantly Repair Your Hacked Site?

If your WordPress website gets hacked, you need to fix it immediately. Hacks cause severe damage to websites, some of which can become irreparable. Why are hacks so dangerous and need to be cleaned up quickly? Hackers use your website to perform malicious activities such as phishing, scamming visitors, stealing sensitive information, and more. If […]

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How To Customize The WordPress Reset Password Page?

Users may sign up for a registered user profile, log in, and change their password on your WordPress website, which comes with a robust user management platform. The WordPress logo and symbol are shown by default on these pages. If just you and the team visit your admin section, that’s acceptable. However, if you run […]

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10 Most Common WordPress Errors: How To Fix Them?

Nothing is more imperfect than an unexpected error that shows up on your website. Although CMS platforms such as WordPress (WP) have robust security features built-in, flaws may occasionally appear. These problems can be a real pain to deal with, especially if you don’t know how to correct them.  Although these problems appear to be […]

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WordFence Tutorial: How To Enhance Your Website’s Security?

Did you know that installing a security plugin on your WordPress blog or website is one approach to protect it? But, do you know which WordPress security plugin is the best? Well, in this article, we’ll tell you about the Wordfence plugin, one of the most popular and well-rated security plugins in the WordPress repository. […]

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Best WordPress Migration Plugins

Are you seeking the best WordPress migration plugins for 2022 to help you move your website safely? While starting a new WordPress site is straightforward, transferring an existing website from one server to another is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to move all your critical databases, files, plugins, and theme. At the same […]

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How Do I Restore My Website?

A recent functional backup is the best option to restore a website. However, sometimes if you don’t have it, or the backup folder doesn’t include the information you’re looking for. There may yet be a chance to reclaim some of your stuff. The open-source feature of WordPress, as well as the variety of plugins and […]

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Difference Between SFTP And Shell Users

With so many methods for transferring information, it can be challenging to answer the most critical question: how should your company’s data be secured during transfer? Use this article to learn about the differences between SFTP and SSH. However, it would be best to first comprehend a brief outline of the differences between FTP and […]

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Migrating A Single Website To A Different Server

When considering a move or expansion of a website, it is a good idea to know the ins and outs of moving your website. This article simplifies the process with steps on how to migrate your website files from one server to the next. A server is a client to many devices, providing connections and […]

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