A Day In The Life of a GoDaddy Pro

First off I would like to start out by stating that there are thousands of GoDaddy Pros worldwide. My day to day obviously does not reflect those of all GoDaddy Pros, but some may share some similar experiences. In this post I will summarize my daily routine as a GoDaddy Pro.

A Morning for Pros

On a typical workday, I wake up around 7 or 8 in in the morning. Sometimes I will wake up even later depending on how late I stay up (on my computer) the previous night. After I am up, I will either go for a run or workout. My workout usually only lasts 30 minutes… Probably the reason I am not in amazing shape. After my workout I make a smoothie and start work on my laptop. Mornings are a chance for me to get my blood circulating and catch up on emails. Sometimes I will also do WordPress tasks. It just depends on what the day calls for. I also think the morning is a great time to get on the slack channel and communicate with the team, especially since most of us work remotely. It gets the day started off strong.

Afternoon of WordPress

My afternoon can range from a wide variety of tasks including admin work in GoDaddy, back end WordPress tasks, and taking calls with clients or colleagues. The worst parts of the day is when I have to use FileZilla. Some developers love doing that, but I would much rather look at a WordPress dashboard than .txt files and code. My favorite tasks to do during the day are website speeds ups or WordPress tweaks. Since I have been using WordPress for so long, I am able to navigate the dashboard at lightning speeds. GoDaddy admin tasks include hosting set ups, WordPress installs, SSL installs, .htaccess redirects, domain pointing and much more. Everyday comes with new challenges.

Design by Night

The night is when we do all of our website launches and design work. For some reason I find this the best time to do that because it is when I unwind. I am able to explore creative ideas. We do our site launches at night because if there is any downtime there won’t be many viewers. I use Adobe and Affinity products to create graphics for our sites. Throughout the night you will find me on WordPress using my favorite page builder, Muffin Framework. Once I am done staring at a computer screen for hours upon end, I check ProSites to make sure all of our managed websites are up-to-date and problem fee. Then go to bed and dream about WordPress.

If you have any questions about what we do, give us a shout!